How to grow your business with Blogging in 2021

The easy with which anyone can start a blog has given forth right thinking businesses to take advantage of blogging to grow their business. Are you aware that you can grow your business with blogging in 2021 and beyond. In this post, our focus will not be on the process of starting your own blog (contact us at, we will help you get started), rather we will be looking at ways you can use blogging to grow your business, so as to make your business more profitable in 2021 and beyond.

Blogging has become one of the most effective ways of content marketing. You can leverage on blogging to boost your marketing campaigns and as a medium of creating brand awareness.

According to Optinmonster, companies who blog get 97% more links to their websites than those who do not blog. Invariably, these links to your website serve as a positive vote for your brand.

However, blogging will expose your business through search engines. It will also help you build authority in your industry and establish trust, bond and closeness between you and your customers.

To be successful in the process of using blogging to grow your business, you have to ensure that you comply with the followings:

  1. Create quality contents

Starting a blog is not really what will help you establish a stronger brand on the internet. Creating quality content will.

Pushing out poor-quality content to your audience will rather drop the trust and authority your business may have acquired, as your business will be perceived as a business that offers low quality service or products, judging by the quality of your blog contents.

The competition in the online space is very high. So you must come prepared to displace others who may not be doing some things right. so to help beat the competition, you should produce quality contents that are helpful to your audience.

These contents must come in the best form that the information will be passed most appropriately. It could be videos, written copies, or audio content.

When your audience begins to find your content helpful, your authority will grow and then your business, will become the better for it.

2. Make effective use of ads

Another advantage of using blogging to grow your business is that it will offer you the opportunity to turn your blog posts as advertising mediums. Your quality contents will improve your online presence, and you can do post boosting for better reach and engagement for your business. When you produce your blog posts, you can boost the posts by making use of social media ads like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram ads, to reach out to more and more people, which you would not have been able to achieve without the blog post.

These platforms help you reach a highly targeted audience. This means you can tweak the category and demography of the audience to whom your ads should be shown.

However, you are most likely to turn them to your followers and then customers, especially when you have created helpful content, service, and products to fulfill their needs.

3. Focus on branding; the conversion will come

The primary goal of using blogging to grow your business is for the branding of your business. There are two things you must differentiate each time you are undertaking an online campaign or posting: are you branding or are you selling directly?

Sometimes, marketers become salesy or pushy when they hope to achieve branding. They promote display campaigns and judge their success from conversion rate and short-term return on investment (ROI).


To achieve a brand presence and awareness, you should rather consider a long-term effect and focus on building a close contact with your audience; let them feel you by themselves.

Being salesy can barely help you achieve that.

Be consistent

When it comes to growing your business either with blogging or any other medium, consistence is key. Building a successful brand presence online requires discipline and consistency. While you go on for a long time in the same style, you must also ensure that how you present yourself across different channels are the same. So your tune of voice and your message which you are passing across to your audience through your blog posts must be such that resonates with your audience/customers and you must remain consistent in passing your message across to them.

The first step towards growing your business with blogging is to register a domain name and getting a hosting account. You can get a reliable and affordable hosting plan by signing up for hosting using our Inter-server affiliate link here:

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