How to Build your Corporate Identity in 2021

Have you ever wondered how to build your corporate identity? Having a relatable and coherent corporate identity will help you pass a message of trust to your audience. Without a coherent and relatable corporate identity, doubt, confusion, and mistrust will set-in the mind of your clients, when you keep changing from time to time and varying how you present your business to the public.

How to Effectively Work on Your Corporate Identity?

Having a strong corporate identity is a bonus for every business. It helps you scale your brand(s), influence the market, and in all, grow your business.

As an entrepreneur or a business owner, the question of corporate identity is not one to ponder upon and neglect, but one to delve deep into. But how will you go about it, especially when you have a superficial knowledge about the concept?

You do not need to worry. In this post, you will learn the simple ways to work on your corporate identity for the growth of your business. We will be helping you to build your corporate identity in 2021 and beyond, but to achieve that you must be willing to follow this simple steps below: Read on if you must learn these simple techniques.

What is a corporate identity?

We can define this term as the sum of whom and what you represent in the market. It is the totality of your corporate designs, philosophy, and intrinsic values (not monetary) as a business and brand.

It is this “who you are” that guides your strategic decisions, which include but not limited to; where to grow, how to organise your team, and where and how best to allocate your resources.

However, you must distinguish this term from the brand identity. So, while corporate identity refers to the totality of your company’s philosophy and values, brand identity represents a particular product or service of your business.

Consider Unilever for instance. Unilever is an internationally recognised company that has so many brands to its name. Some of these brands include Close Up, Rexona, Lux, Knorr, Omo, and Sunlight.

The corporate identity here is Unilever, while the individual brands represent their respective identities.

However, we can summarize corporate identity with these lines:

The value proposition of your business

A system of peculiar capabilities

A portfolio of products and services that support your value proposition

How to work out a strong corporate brand identity for your business

1.     Reassess your position

Aside from having the leadership skill, you started your business for some other reasons, right?


So,you must keep an eye on those reasons at all times in the course of doing your business. Once in a while, take your time to reflect and review those reasons.

You might also want to questions yourself:

What motivated me into this business?

What were my targets and driving force?

What plans did I make to succeed?

Answers to these questions will form a strong motivation in you to build your dream business.

In the same vein, also review the position you are in the market. Look at how you have affected the market generally, and your employees. What immediately comes to mind when people come across your brand?

These points will tell you either to keep working hard or to improve.

2.     Incorporate your team

The success of your corporate identity largely depends on your employees. They have both internal and external influences on the entire business. So, it is pertinent that every member of your team is aware of your corporate identity.

Ensure that they cultivate and observe the company’s values and philosophy, in all respects of the business: communication, design, dress code if it is involved, and so on.

The basic ways to nurture your business principles and values are:

Organizing workshops and training sessions

Rotating slide presentations among your employees

You must assign the role of training your staff to people who understand your business goals well.

3.     Find out what your competitors are doing

Building a successful corporate identity is a smart mix of the market rules and qualities that will make you unique in your industry. A good and quick way to grasp your industry’s trend is to look at what your competitors are doing.

Although the goal is not to copy your competitors; researching them and knowing their loopholes will help you strategize and win a portion of the market as well.

Also, look at what you will learn from what they are doing especially when the success-gap between your business and theirs is wide. The ideal point here is to expand your identity by applying and improving on the strategies of your big competitors.

4.     Be open to changes

Does the market exist for your business or does your business exist for the market?

Well, the points we understand is that they both exist for each other and have mutual influences. And since the market influences businesses, it would dictate to an extent how you would go about building your corporate identity.

Therefore, you should not hold your corporate identity too rigid; it is contemporary in such a way that it moves alongside trends and development. Always be ready to adapt to changes and improvements in the industry.

Your identity can only be sustained if it shares a similar beat with society, recent technology, and adoptions.

5.     Draw your future from now

If your entire plan is for “now”, you might be wasting your time. It will take your time and resources to build a strong corporate identity. Why not plan it in such a way as to fit into the future of your business?

As a matter of fact, it might be outdated before it even makes an impact on your target audience. So from now, envisage your dream business structure, where your business will be in years to come, and what new products or services you will introduce along the line.

A clear vision of these points will guide you to drive your entire identity along at the same time.

6.     Take social media seriously

Today, social media hosts a lot of audience and influence. As such, it is one of these areas you should not neglect as you build your corporate identity.

This is another area where your corporate design (logo, letterhead, colors, et cetera) comes in.

Get a Social Media Manager who understands your audience, the behavior, and the design of the platforms to handle this job.

A consistent effort in this direction will expose your business to a wide range of audiences, and with time become familiar with your business.

7.     Never stop improving your identity

Your business is a journey; the movement continues. At some point, you might think you have arrived, and while the reverse might be the case in some instances.

This points to the fact that you must not stop learning and improving. If you stop learning, your business may not see the light of the day and all the efforts, time, energy, resources, expended in building your business will all simply become a waste.

Invest time and resources into a branding strategy, corporate designing, and building different brand identities. Somehow, this surrounds our earlier point on growing with the society and the market.

Are you interested or desirous of building a corporate identity, but don’t know how to go about it, send us a mail now and we will help you achieve your corporate identity goals.

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