Business in a box is an out of the BOX creative and innovative initiative aimed at helping Brands, Small and Medium scaled and forward looking businesses/enterprises start or elevate their business, launch products/services, build their bottom line, save money on advertising, become more visible online, build traction and ultimately, become profitable, without losing their uniqueness or business goals. 

Business in a box is therefore structured to meet specific individual needs of every business, while also allowing them tap from the opportunities and possibilities that exists in the information super highway, as our team of experts are always on hand to guide them all through the way.

The ultimate goal of BUSINESS IN A BOX is to help 1 million businesses in the next 5 years become more profitable, and through the multiplier effect, drastically reduce the evil of unemployment and by extension insecurity in African countries, (Nigeria in particular).

As they say, doing business without creative advertising is like winking in the dark, you know what you are doing (winking), but nobody else does. Business in a box is the eyes, through which the world sees you, and what they see, is always amazing with Business in a Box!

Every business have unique and specific needs, based on the needs of your business, you are at liberty to choose a service plan that suits you, and once you meet the requirements, boom; you are flying high. Refer to plan sections for more details.

Your plan is what determines the services you get. Please refer to what your plan covers in the pricing page. You can also upgrade your plans

You can simply send a mail or give us a call if you have specific requests on how to manage your plan or refer to our FAQ sections for answers on any issues you are experiencing.

Your plan only allows for one user account to use the email platform to send emails. Adding a new user to the email platform will attract extra cost, which will be determined by the volume of additional emails to be sent. You can send a mail requesting to add a new user with specific details and cost will be provided

We accept all forms of payment. Bank transfer/deposit, PayPal, card, invoicing and cash payments. However, cash payments can be only be made in our office.

All payments are made payable to:

Account Name: MODE World Solutions Company

Account No: 0201127646


PayPal: arisetoinspire@gmail.com

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